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It's hard to practice yoga and stretching without a good yoga mat . Right? Yes, it is hard.  When I started my yoga classes tw...

Top 10 Yoga Mat In India That You Can Buy Online ( Based On User Review 2017 )

It's hard to practice yoga and stretching without a good yoga mat. Right?
Yes, it is hard. 

When I started my yoga classes two years ago I started on the floor. On that day my bones survived anyhow but I ended up cleaning the floor with my track suits. So then I realized yoga without a soft yoga mat is near to impossible.

But then the actual problem arrived, How to find a good yoga mat in India?

Don't Worry I'm Here To Help You.

After reading this post you will be able to find your perfect yoga mat .I'll also mention some Amazon links from where you can buy a yoga mat and get a home delivery.

Excited ? OK, let's dive into it.

How To Choose The Right Yoga Mat For Your Yoga lifestyle 

Before you spend money on yoga mat you should understand what is best for you?
Because person to person it varies. It also varies depending on one's body type and surroundings.

OK, let's make it clear.

These Factors Determines The Type of Yoga mat you Should Buy

First your body type 

Yes, it is the most important thing before you head out to buy a yoga mat. If your height is near 5.7 fit then you must buy a yoga mat which is not shorter than 6 fit.
Or your hair will play with dirt. Will you like that?

So before you buy check your height and the length of the yoga mat.

Sensitivity of skin

If your skin doesn't like hard things go for a soft yoga mat. you can check padded mats.
These are the softest mat among yoga mat. And the best thing is It will not hurt your wallet.

Type of workout

If you like to use it daily then try to buy a premium quality yoga mat. Because always remember you get what you pay for.

Also, check It is washable or not. If you have to carry that yoga mat then choose a yoga mat which is easily foldable and Have a cover or strap.

 And finally, the place you are going to practice yoga.

If you are going to practice yoga indoor then you can choose fabric or cotton based but if you want to go outside then stick to rubber based ( make sure it doesn't smell)  or foam based. It should be washable.

How can you actually find a yoga mat where you can sit in peace?

Do you Know The Best Part?

Here Is The List Of Top 10 Yoga Mat You Can Buy Online ( From Amazon )

Best Five 

  1. Curveit MUDRA Non-Slip Yoga Mat
top 10 yoga mat in india online
It is The Best choice And order fulfilled by Amazon
Why You Should Try This

  • Made with quality material and beautiful pressed design
  • Nice color (color is important if you practice outside.)
  • Have a 4.5 user rating because it is good at this price.
  • The mat has a non-slippery grip
  • It is 6 feet (72 inches) long and 2 feet (24 inches) wide. So It fits all the categories. 

Product Link

2. Frokht  Yoga Mat   


  • It is made up of rubber ( soft)
  • Moisture resistant 
  • Offer fulfilled by Amazon
  • Have a rating of 4.5 
  • click here to see

3.Natural Fitness Powerhouse Pro Yoga Mat (imported)


  • Super quality
  • Stylish look
  • Premium Quality material
  • Very much useful for core and back exercise
  • super soft
Only one  drawback ( price may be little high for some)

Product Link                        

4.The True Mat Reversible  yoga mat


  • Better than any PVC yoga mat
  • Stylish look
  • Easy to fold
  • Amazon Fulfilled
  • Best seller

Product Link


5.Handmade Indian Exercise Yoga Mat ( unique look)

  • First thing is it looks amazing
  • Perfect for indoor
  • Nice color 
  • Amazon fulfilled
  • But becomes out of the stock very often ( try your luck)

                                Product Link

Other Five  ( This 5 is only for those who need cheaper. I recommend buy from the first list)

Firstly I want to make sure that best products are already listed in list one. Yoga mat below rupees 1000 is not good.

But if you need something temporary or don't want to invest 1k. This is the top 5 among those ( please don't over expect from this list.)

6.Strauss Yoga Mat, 6mm (Floral)


7. PAffy Yoga Mat - 6 MM - Floral Print - Textured Pattern - Anti Skid Both Side - Washable - With Cover


8. Nivia Yoga Mat


9.Deemark D-185 Yoga Mat with Free Pushup Bar


10. Pasricha Handlooms Yoga Mat


So, I think you can choose which one is perfect for you. 

What Is the best among those top 10 yoga mat? comment below.

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