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Most of the women around the world found to be attracted to marriage more than men's. They develop a common fantasy of thinking about g...

Why Womens Are More Attracted To Marriage Than Men's

Most of the women around the world found to be attracted to marriage more than men's. They develop a common fantasy of thinking about getting married at a particular age. There are many reasons due to which most of the women are attracted to marriage more than men's.
why women's are more attracted to marriage than men's

Women's are more attracted to marriage doesn't mean only they want to get married. Men's are also very much fond of marrying a special girl. (most of the time it means beautiful)

But the thing is girls experience their adulthood very early in comparison to boys. Both of the genders have its own unique characteristics. It also influences the decision making and thinking-ability of both boys and girls.

Teenage boys are mostly crazy about some common things and many of them are materialistic. Boys at their early age like to play sports, talking about which sports car they should buy, action movies and video games. The list is long but these are the top among them.

Where girls are very fond of fairy tells, playing with dolls and gossiping. After some year they become addicted to romantic movies and this is how they develop a fondness towards getting married from an early age.

But do you want to know about specific reasons that make A Women  More Attracted To Marriage Than Men's?

OK, let's dive into it.

7 Reasons That Makes A Women More Attracted To Marriage Than Men's

1. To Get Emotional Security
emotional security

Girls are very soft from inside. A little bit of scolding sometimes hurt them a lot. Especially during teenage, they want to have more importance and attention towards them. But often they over think and feels loneliness. Sometimes they feel the importance of someone with unconditioned love only for her. And this leads to the creation of a fantasy world which is only made for two people, with full of love and happiness.

This is a common thing and it happens to almost every girl at a specific age. And they think about getting married to someone special.

2. Fairy Tales And Love Stories Of Childhood
love stories of adulthood

Someone said '' there is not a single girl in this world who didn't imagine  herself as Cinderella and marrying with her Charming  Prince."

If you are a girl then you can relate to it. When it comes to childhood stories girls like the love story of prince and princess, where boys like wars and magic stories and adventure stories.

As girls grow up with hearing a lot of love stories which ultimately encourage them towards marriage at a very starting of adulthood.

3. Age Is The Natural Factor 

Naturally, girls start their adult hood very early than boys.  In this time they become very curious about love and marriage. Elders also wants to keep it secret from them. Ultimately this raises the curiosity more and they get tempted to dive into their fantasy

4. To Get Ultimate Freedom

Due to many social factors, girls don't get enough freedom that they wish to have. Many times their hobbies, passion and desire to have something get rejected.

To fulfill their all desire and want they desperately look for a solution. When they notice the freedom a married woman enjoys she develops a mindset of getting married as early as possible with someone who will understand and give values to her feelings.

5. Love For Children 

Everyone loves children. And girls love them more. As they grow up they stop playing with dolls and they wish to have a baby to play and cuddle. It becomes more passionate when they think about it and imagining herself as a mother and the thinking ends with a massive laughter.

6. Ultimate Pleasure Of Love

Sexual satisfaction is a natural thing and everyone wants to test it at a point of time.
For the fulfillment of sexual desires and feeling of security with men, they want to get married. Marriage also represents safe legalized form of relationship so they prefer to have it without any trouble.

7. To Do All The Crazy Stuff 

Every one of us has some hidden urge for some adventure. So to make that thing to happen in real life they need a friend and partner. So they prefer a close one and that is her husband.

These are the things for their thinking and it is natural. Men and women have different emotional needs and those are completely justified.

The Best thing is; marriage is more than a social ceremony for every woman.

 It's a  dream of having someone special in your side, along all the sad and good time, to live the life with happiness is what marriage means to women.

It's our responsibility to give value to everyone's feelings. A lot of injustice takes place every day with women's around the world.

 If you can't change the world then change yourself by  hoping that, the world will change one day.

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