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You never know when Ignorance can turn out to be a bliss..!   But sometimes it becomes very hard to face it in our life. Feelings and ...

Types Of Ignorance And How To Overcome From That Situation

You never know when Ignorance can turn out to be a bliss..! 

But sometimes it becomes very hard to face it in our life. Feelings and expectation hurt you when your close-one starts ignoring you. 

Many people feel bad when they notice that someone ignoring them.Because most of us get self-confidence from approval of other persons. When people notice them they feel good about themselves. And if people ignore they feel guilty.

Before you start judging yourself you need to know the types of Ignorance and the reasons behind it.

There Are Two Types Of Ignorance

Intentional Ignorance:-  In this type of situation people notice you but they act as they didn't saw you. Time to time they will make you feel that they are not interested in you. But they will secretly follow all your activities. 

Jealousy often leads to these type of situation. Many times people imagine of getting a special version of you.But in reality, if the things didn't happen as they imagined, they will behave like they are ignoring you.

In love it als0 happens a lot. You will notice 'your crush becomes interested in you then suddenly starts ignoring you'.

Example:- A boy name x like a girl y. X tries to get attention from the girl. Girl Y like  X. But one day Y saw that X was talking to another girl.

Then girl Y thought that the boy is dating with that another girl and she starts ignoring him.But she checks all stories about him secretly.

On the other side, the boy notices that Y ignoring him and becomes upset about it.

 Here, the girl likes him and reads all story about him but due to misunderstanding, she behaves like she is ignoring him.

But the boy has no idea about it and thinks ...
 He did something wrong or he is not compatible with her, she doesn't like me etc. 
It is intentional ignorance.

Natural Ignorance:-  Manytime we fall in some one sided feelings. When we fall in those types of emotional attachment we start noticing everything. We want everything to happen like we think. But the reality is far away from our thinkings.

We judge their every future action by their previous encounters. Many times, in reality, things don't happen in a systematic way. Our one-sided feelings manipulate our decisions.

Sometimes the person is leading their own lifestyle but we feel differently about that person. We notice every thing. When we see less of that person in our life. We think that person is ignoring me. But it's not.

It's normal and maybe they don't have same feelings like yours. But it's alright tell them what you feel. For some people, it may seem like impossible!
 How can i tell  about my feelings? What will happen after that?

Benefits of telling someone what you feel about them 

Well, generally when you say clearly to someone that I feel XYZ about you.

  • They will know how you feel about them.
  •  They might be surprised that they didn't notice it. 
  • And they will think about it. 
  • If they like you then they will tell you.
  • If they don't have same feelings they will tell you.
  • You will know the result yes/no.
  • The situation will be clear and you will overcome the ignorance of that person.
  • You can choose your best .(whether you want to stay or want to move on)

So to deal with ignorance first make it clear or tell them that what you feel. If you get the result but not clear about the situation then discuss it.

If they  intentionally ignore you then they will give you this explanation

  • No, I didn't think it like that
  • I was busy, I'm not ignoring you. I was online because I fall in sleep suddenly.
  • I didn't hear the ringtone when I saw 10 miss call I thought to call you but somehow I forgot.

What To Do When Someone Intentionally Ignores You

  • Ask yourself and try to find out what can be the reason behind it.
  • Take a help from your best friend and try to solve it together.
  • Don't feel bad just find something better to do than thinking about it.
  • Realize what will be the impact and move on.
  • If you are in 50/50 position then simply ask about the current situation and it will be good to know about the exact situation.


There are two types of ignorance. Intentional and natural. Due to misunderstanding many times people intentionally ignore each other. To solve the situation talk to the person about it. Don't feel sorry for your feelings. Know their answer and choose whats best for you.

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In this post, you will find  Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Early In The Morning  and some practical tips for those who are not su...

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Early In The Morning

health benefits of doing yoga early in the morning

In this post, you will find Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Early In The Morning and some practical tips for those who are not sure if they can do it or not every morning. I  will also discuss the best times to perform yoga.

Suggested : How to live a healthy lifestyle
Are You A Morning Person?

For most of the people, it's hard to wake up early in the morning.

But some people wake up early in the morning. Few persons among them practice yoga and other exercises and they enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

If you want to

  • Be active all the day, 
  • Want to feel energetic all the day,
  • Want to have a good flexible body and 
  • Want to enjoy your life.
Then you must have two things. Fit Body & Calm Mind. 

But these two things some time becomes very hard to get for some people, and some people get is naturally. 

There is no shortcut to getting a fit body and a calm mind. Yes, there is some process to make the journey easier and smooth but they are not shortcuts. You have to work on it to get a healthy lifestyle. 

Well, to gain anything you have to start at first.

Then slowly you will get closer to the perfection and ultimately you will see the results.

  Let's jump into the post - to know all the benefits of morning yoga and how to make it more productive. Step by step.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Early In The Morning

1. Practicing Yoga Daily Improves Your Overall Body Flexibility

yoga amazing flexibility health benefits morning yoga
Performing Yoga Gives You A Better Flexible Body

Did you ever saw a yoga performance? 

Some yogi have that much of flexibility that people often comment

Does they have any bones in there body?

Yes, they have bones but those are the results of years of practice. But we don't need that type of insane flexibility! 
insane flexibility by practicing yoga
But to get a fit body you need body-flexibility and only two things can help you in this. Yoga and stretching.

People with low body flexibility face a lot of problem in daily life such as back pain during sitting on a chair, traveling on public transport and while performing other outdoor activities.

To get an active body you should practice daily yoga or at-least more than three times in a week.

You don't have to perform long hours to increase your body flexibility. Twenty minutes per session is enough.
But the main thing is continuity is more important over time. So once you start don't think about stopping.

If you get a fit body only by practicing yoga about  1 to 2 hour in a week, Does it worth the time?

 2. Performing Yoga Will Give You More Strength

yoga gives you strength benefits of yoga

Strength is the thing that gives you fuel to fight in your life. Performing yoga increases your overall body strength which will help you to do more work and you will have full control over your body.

People often ignore the importance of body strength. But whenever you get any extra pressure your body-strength helps you to manage the problem.  So if you face lots of pressure then focus on some strength building yoga exercise.

3. Better Sleep Than Before 

get a good sleep through yoga natuarally
A lot of people suffer from low quality of sleep. Low sleeping hours can damage some part of the brain when it happens over a long period of time.

Why people find it hard to fall in sleep?

Many of us nowadays perform low physical activities. Due to this, our blood doesn't follow equally in all the parts of our body. And we store a lot of calories in our body.
So it causes sleeplessness. 

Performing yoga helps you in proper circulation of blood throughout the body. It also helps your nervous system.

Performing yoga on a daily basis will help you to fall asleep quickly.

4. Yoga Helps To Tone Your Body Naturally

yoga helps you to tone your body fast 

Some people become crazy to lose weight and to tone their body. They search for overnight formulas to decrease weight.

Many of the medicine has a huge side effect. So it's better to lose weight naturally by yoga. But the thing is you have to keep patience and practice it without quitting.

You can easily tone your body by performing yoga on a daily basis. It also helps you to maintain a healthy body weight.

5. Yoga Makes Your Joints Flexible And Prevents Joint Breakdown

Synovial fluid is a type of slippery liquid which looks like an egg white. Our synovial joints contain this fluid which helps our joints to move smoothly.

Over time and person to person, the production of these fluid varies. Sometimes in some joints, they are not fully active. This happens because of the lack of movements in some of our body parts.

Low circulation of these fluid makes those joints stiff and bones become weak. Thus you should take medical supplements that will help you to increase synovial fluid production. ( if you have extremely low fluid)

If you are in the first phase of this problem, then performing yoga will make the synovial fluid to flow into all parts of your joint and this way you can avoid joint problems.

6. Makes You Happier

yoga makes you feel happy
One survey found that in emotional problems, people who perform yoga on a regular basis have less depression time period than people who don't perform yoga and outdoor sports.

So, to enjoy the life you need to focus on your future. It is also important, that you should forget about all the bad things happened to you.

 Life is critical, yet beautiful. We all face problems and we all experience pain in our life.

But, if you want to enjoy your future days in an amazing way that you have been never lived before. Then you have to forget those bad days. Just let it go. Yoga eventually makes you feel better and it will help you to be happy in life.

7. Morning Yoga Encourages You To Stay Healthy All Day

Once you do yoga in the morning, the whole day you will feel relaxed. It will make your mind calm and you will think about your situations in a positive way.

It will remind you about your fitness goals. Once you see the amazing health benefit's of yoga in your daily life, you will never lose your motivation of a healthy lifestyle.

8. It  Makes You More Productive


Do You Work More Than 11 Hours A Day??  And still, you don't finish your work in time.


It is because our body becomes less productive when we work long hours. Some people do better work in the night, but it's not same for all. If you have a day job then you should sleep early.

Wait!  What will happen to my project if I sleep early?

Don't worry! 

Sleep early and wake up early to practice your morning yoga. 

Well, it will be a little bit hard to change your routine but in few days, you will get used to it.

Now after practicing 20 to 30-minute morning yoga session, you will feel fresh and active. Now breath some fresh air and get down to work.

You will complete your work of 1 hour in less than  40 minutes. Yeah once you get used to it you can do a lot of work in a short time.

Personally for me, working in the early morning after little bit yoga and cardio, I do good in comparison to my evening hours. I felt that it makes me more creative and happy to work in the morning. And I can enjoy the evening watching the sunset or doing some other cool kinds of stuff.

9. Yoga Boosts Your Immunity System 

The human body is a complex system. Proper using of the body is the only way to maintain its activeness. 

Yoga exercises conduct many aerobic processes within the body and it makes our body organs active.  It increases our endurance and also maximize our oxygen intake during exercise. 

10. It Lowers Your Blood Sugar


Many diabetic patients found yoga beneficial for lowering blood sugar. Yoga also decreases bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).
It also raises the effectiveness of insulin in your body. It also helps you to lose weight.

Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from diabetics. before it affects you-you should decrease the chances of having diabetic. Performing a good lifestyle and yoga will help you in avoiding many diseases naturally.


From ancient time yoga was practiced in India, China and in many other Southeast Asian countries. The health benefits of yoga already proved many-time by researchers. 

It makes your body active and it enables proper working of our body organs. It helps you to avoid aging processes, it burns body fat, increase concentration power and helps you to find a proper meaning of your life. Yoga also helps you to connect with your spirituality and helps you to discover yourself. There are lots of benefits, thus you should practice yoga in daily life for your own health benefits.

The best time to perform yoga is early morning. Because then you can see improvement in your body flexibility throughout the day. Also doing yoga in the morning can improve your stamina.

If you have any question or need help then comment below. Share it with friends and family if you found this post useful.