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You never know when Ignorance can turn out to be a bliss..!   But sometimes it becomes very hard to face it in our life. Feelings and ...

Types Of Ignorance And How To Overcome From That Situation

You never know when Ignorance can turn out to be a bliss..! 

But sometimes it becomes very hard to face it in our life. Feelings and expectation hurt you when your close-one starts ignoring you. 

Many people feel bad when they notice that someone ignoring them.Because most of us get self-confidence from approval of other persons. When people notice them they feel good about themselves. And if people ignore they feel guilty.

Before you start judging yourself you need to know the types of Ignorance and the reasons behind it.

There Are Two Types Of Ignorance

Intentional Ignorance:-  In this type of situation people notice you but they act as they didn't saw you. Time to time they will make you feel that they are not interested in you. But they will secretly follow all your activities. 

Jealousy often leads to these type of situation. Many times people imagine of getting a special version of you.But in reality, if the things didn't happen as they imagined, they will behave like they are ignoring you.

In love it als0 happens a lot. You will notice 'your crush becomes interested in you then suddenly starts ignoring you'.

Example:- A boy name x like a girl y. X tries to get attention from the girl. Girl Y like  X. But one day Y saw that X was talking to another girl.

Then girl Y thought that the boy is dating with that another girl and she starts ignoring him.But she checks all stories about him secretly.

On the other side, the boy notices that Y ignoring him and becomes upset about it.

 Here, the girl likes him and reads all story about him but due to misunderstanding, she behaves like she is ignoring him.

But the boy has no idea about it and thinks ...
 He did something wrong or he is not compatible with her, she doesn't like me etc. 
It is intentional ignorance.

Natural Ignorance:-  Manytime we fall in some one sided feelings. When we fall in those types of emotional attachment we start noticing everything. We want everything to happen like we think. But the reality is far away from our thinkings.

We judge their every future action by their previous encounters. Many times, in reality, things don't happen in a systematic way. Our one-sided feelings manipulate our decisions.

Sometimes the person is leading their own lifestyle but we feel differently about that person. We notice every thing. When we see less of that person in our life. We think that person is ignoring me. But it's not.

It's normal and maybe they don't have same feelings like yours. But it's alright tell them what you feel. For some people, it may seem like impossible!
 How can i tell  about my feelings? What will happen after that?

Benefits of telling someone what you feel about them 

Well, generally when you say clearly to someone that I feel XYZ about you.

  • They will know how you feel about them.
  •  They might be surprised that they didn't notice it. 
  • And they will think about it. 
  • If they like you then they will tell you.
  • If they don't have same feelings they will tell you.
  • You will know the result yes/no.
  • The situation will be clear and you will overcome the ignorance of that person.
  • You can choose your best .(whether you want to stay or want to move on)

So to deal with ignorance first make it clear or tell them that what you feel. If you get the result but not clear about the situation then discuss it.

If they  intentionally ignore you then they will give you this explanation

  • No, I didn't think it like that
  • I was busy, I'm not ignoring you. I was online because I fall in sleep suddenly.
  • I didn't hear the ringtone when I saw 10 miss call I thought to call you but somehow I forgot.

What To Do When Someone Intentionally Ignores You

  • Ask yourself and try to find out what can be the reason behind it.
  • Take a help from your best friend and try to solve it together.
  • Don't feel bad just find something better to do than thinking about it.
  • Realize what will be the impact and move on.
  • If you are in 50/50 position then simply ask about the current situation and it will be good to know about the exact situation.


There are two types of ignorance. Intentional and natural. Due to misunderstanding many times people intentionally ignore each other. To solve the situation talk to the person about it. Don't feel sorry for your feelings. Know their answer and choose whats best for you.

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